Regascold RGC 1
Method and heat exchanger for recovering cold during the regasification of cryogenic liquids

European Patent: EP 3912 B1 397

Deutscher Kältepreis 2016 – Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz, Bau und Reaktorsicherheit


1 cylinder
2 upper dished bottom
3 lower dished bottom
4 pressure Transmitter
5 insulation
6 upper coiled tubing
7 lower coiled tubing
8th intermediate medium / propane
8.1 intermediate medium gaseous condensing / propane-saturated steam,
8.2 intermediate medium / propane, liquid or boiling
9 level of the liquid intermediate medium 8th in the boiling state,
10 inflow of LNG, e.g., to the coiled tubing 6, and outflow of regasified LNG
11 safety valve
13 for emptying and filling with intermediate medium / propane
14 inflow and outflow of cooling agent through the coiled tubing 7

Example RGC 1 – LNG satellite plant, decentral storage and regasification of LNG: REGASCOLD recovery of cooling capacity replaces air-heated vaporizer
The withdrawal of 23,4 kg/h LNG (that  correponds to 30 m³/h natural gas at normal conditiones, 1 bar and 0 °C) supplies 3,3 kW high quality cooling capacity.

Regascold RGC 2
Refrigeration supply plant coupled to regasification apparatus of a Liquefied Natural Gas port terminal

International Patent Application: PCT/DE2017/000352

1 cooling agent, CO₂

2 cold consumer

3 LNG inlet

6 replacement chiller, conventional, electrically driven

12 intermediate medium, propane, natural circulation, heat transfer by evaporation and condensation

Example RGC 2a – LNG port terminal: REGASCOLD system recovers valuable cooling capacity from LNG regasification
LNG port terminal
Operating data

• LNG taken from the storage tank and after pressure boosting, at 80 bar and -130 °C with mass flow rate 99560 kg/h, which corresponds to 126000 m³/h natural gas at 1 bar and 0°C

• heat transfer from the liquid cooling agent CO2  (from  -40 °C  to  -50 °C) via intermediate medium propane (at -55 °C, 0,5 bar) to LNG, which is regasified up to -65 °C

• the available cooling capacity is 7800 kW.

Example RGC 2b – Cruise ship operated by LNG: REGASCOLD system recovers from LNG regasification valuable cooling capacity for food refrigeration on board

Operating data

• LNG taken from the storage tank at 8,5 bar and -127,5 °C with massflow rate 1247 kg/h, which corresponds to 1580 m³/h natural gas at 1 bar and 0°C

• heat transfer from liquid brine (ethylene glycol/water), which is used as cooling agent and is cooled down from -15 °C to -20°C, via intemediate medium propane  at -30 °C and 1,68 bar to LNG, which is regasified up to -35 °C

• the available cooling capacity is 223 kW

Regascold RGC 3
Heat exchanger device for the provision of refrigeration in refrigerated trucks, the motor vehicle engine of which is operated by LNG

International Patent Application: PCT/DE2018/360

1 cooling chamber air

5 heat transferring intermediate medium

9 pipe-bundle heat exchanger
(having a floating head and two mantle paths)

14 LNG inlet

15 gasified LNG outlet

21 protective pipe (coaxial to the LNG-carrying pipe)

22 dry gas as a hermetically sealed protective gas

Example RGC 3 – Recovering cooling capacity from regasification of cryogenic liquefied natural gas (LNG), that is used as fuel for the motor drive of a refrigerated truck

The REGASCOLD heat exchanger device enables to supply the cold storage chamber, which is placed on the semitrailer, with the required refrigeration.Typical operating data:

• withdrawal from LNG tank to produce
100 kW engine power: 19,6 kg/h at -135 °C

• regasification by heat transfer from first cooling agent, the cooling chamber air (- 45 °C), via second cooling agent, the liquid intermediate medium, and via the gas layer as a hermetically sealed protective gas and a thermal resistance

available cooling capacity is 3,3 kW

The development of a preliminary application,

„REGASCOLD-Logistic“ by means of LNG powered trucks,

has been supported by ESF Europäischer Sozialfonds

Regascold RGC 4
Heat exchanger for recovering cooling capacity from regasification of cryogenic liquefied gases by means of adapted cooling agents

Patent application: DE102020001338.4

see under Basic

1 tube-in-tube heat exchanger (u-type tubes)

2 inner tube

3 outer tube

4 tube sheet

5 cryogenic liquefied gas inlet

6 regasified liquefied gas outlet

7 cooling agent inlet

8 cooling agent outlet

Example RGC 4 – Foundry, supplied with oxygen from cryogenic storage tank

The air heated vaporizer, which has been used before to regasify liquid oxygen, now, in order to recover cooling capacity, is replaced by the REGASCOLD heat transfer system.

Oxygen withdrawal from cryogenic storage tank:

liquid oxygen LO, – 147 °C, 53 kg/h, resp. 0,06 m³/h, which after regasification supplies 38 m³/h gaseous oxygen O₂ (1 bar; 0 °C) to the foundry.

Result of replacing the air heated vaporizer:

recovery of 4,8 kW cooling capacity for the air conditioning of the factory workshop.